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Geist in the Machine

February 5, 2009

Short post this a.m. – such solid sleepage for once that I didn’t wake up until 6, just enough time to dash something off and get to work. 

Something I forgot to note yesterday, funny/scary – browsing my Amazon recommendations the other day, I was frightened to see the newest screed from the Coultergeist (no, of course I will not link to it) in my recommendations – based on my purchase of Daemon!  Nothing I have ever purchased has placed this violently anti-intellectual absurdity in my recommendations, and I pray FSM nothing ever does again.  Talk about a malevolent entity wreaking havoc through software…

Last night I started Jonah Lehrer’s Proust was a Neuroscientist.  It’s a quick read and enjoyable so far; he’s really got a gift for making scientific topics clear to laymen/humanities types like me.  I’ll post fully when I’m done, but essentially Lehrer’s argument is that artists are not in opposition to scientists, but are often on the leading edge of science, making compelling arguments about human nature deemed absurd by the science the time, but eventually vindicated by later research into the body and mind.  Which is an inspirational message for someone like me who’s planning on writing about AI and how we’ll make it, and how it’ll remake us.

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