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March 9, 2009

No time to write this morning, Daylight Savings having robbed me of my pre–work writing hour till I adjust, but I’m still dwelling on that C in Macroeconomics from yesterday’s post:  What happened to that person who got the C?  Did she have mono and have to skip homework on one class for lack of energy?  Did her mom get sick?  Did the job she had to work to pay for school change her hours and force her to miss the class?  Google doesn’t care, “good students” find a way to…well, that’s the problem.  Shit happens to everyone.  “Good students” find a way to get the grade, since that’s all that’s going to matter after school is done, not how it was done.  “Good students” don’t let personal lives or problems or the need to make a living or their incomprehension of the subject matter get in the way of getting that A (actually learning is secondary; a software engineer will never need to discuss the Wife of Bath in an annual review).  Surely she had the opportunity to get a paper written for her, surely she had the opportunity to cheat, yet she didn’t, she took the C…doesn’t that say something about her character?  Isn’t that more important than one missing A?  The real problem with the orderly march is that it focuses on metrics alone as a standard of personal quality, metrics such as grades which can, and sometimes have to, be gamed. 

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