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Makeover time

March 18, 2009

A new look for the site – maybe.  It just felt like time to upgrade from the default style (I liked the fact that it was called “Kubrick” more than anything else, I think).   I like everything about this “Vigilance” theme except the fact that I can’t get the damn text off the header bar.  You can upload a pic and, as you see, it only inserts it behind the text.  There’s a “hide text” button on the dashboard, but it only hides it while you’re messing with the dashboard; clicking “save changes” just puts the damn text back up.  Makes me feel very stabby.  I’ll spend some time today on the help boards trying to figure it out but in the meantime bear with the crappy header please. [EDIT – fixed, sort of; I had to delete the blog name from Settings/General, which means it doesn’t show up in the browser tab/titlebar…not sure if I like that.  I may have to pick another template, tho I like everything about this one other than that.]

My last half a week of work has been extended to a full one, so happily additional blogging and novel writing has been profitably postponed.  I’m still reeling from DST as well, so this morning was the first time I’ve been up early enough to do something other than get ready for work.  Honestly, I haven’t done one damn constructive thing since the layoff notice.  Reading Peter F. Hamilton and escaping into a wonderful world of space battles, watching tennis from Indian Wells, and just waiting for my new schedule to construct itself.  I’ll know Thursday or Friday if I have any work next week or not.  Like a lot of writers, I need to have a schedule to work with, and right now it’s just not possible to commit to one that may have to get chucked.  Please continue to hold, your call is important.

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