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A New Hope

March 21, 2009

So I’m un-unemployed for a while – enough work has come up to keep me on through April, albeit at reduced hours/wage.  Still beats unemployment by a long shot.  Amazing how it messes with your concentration when you’re worrying about money – I haven’t done any writing or serious reading in weeks.  I often think the “free culture” movement will take art back to the nineteenth century, when only ladies and gentlemen of leisure could write novels or paint or compose symphonies – everyone else was too ground down by making a living to indulge in such clearly non-renumerative work.  No doubt the masses have more free time and cognitive surplus these days than they did back then, but still.  I know I need stability to create – at least knowing what the near future holds, so I can get my mind off it and look beyond.  I guess the mark of the Great Man is the ability to ignore the chaotic present and storm forward with his Great Idea (though the Great Man often had a Little Woman around to clean up the mess, pay the grocer, etc.) despite the tumult about him.  Well, that’s not me. 

With life starting to look a little more stable now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be back in the swing of blogging next week some time.  Thanks for your patience.

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