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Not Suitable For Warehousing?

April 13, 2009

Yep, I’m one of those whose sales ranking disappeared from Amazon after…well, after what exactly is up in the air – after someone at Amazon decided that all gay titles were “adult” and shouldn’t show up in general searches?  After some hacker with a chip on his shoulder re “teh gayz” flagged every gay book on Amazon as “inappropriate”?  It’s still up in the air as of this writing, 4:30 Pacific, just what happened.

I wanted to be forgotten as a “gay novelist,” admittedly, to reinvent myself as something new, but it’s still a little dismaying to be left off the list of affected writers.  Guess that means I got my wish.  All the same, it’s a little creepy to see your work suddenly treated differently – and honestly, WTF was someone thinking by removing your sales ranking if your books were deemed adult?  So that the author of “His Hot Holiday” or some such didn’t take a precious ranking point from some V. C. Andrews backlist title?  I just don’t get it.

Here’s my info for Different People and A Serious Person (yeah, I note the irony that as always I’m linking to the Amazon page for a book):



And here’s the info for a Philip Kerr book recommended to be because I just bought the Berlin Noir trilogy, just as an example of what “other” books look like:


(Note the reading level indicator, also absent from mine – I don’t know if there ever was a reading level before or not, to be honest.)  I’m not incensed or incandescent with rage – I just find it…creepy.  In a weird way it’s kind of neat, to actually be part of something happening on the Internet instead of just a passive observer, especially since I know that Amazon is hardly Fox News or Focus on the Family or some nutcases like that, and that whatever the reason it happened, I do believe it will get fixed. 

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