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Please Hold

April 18, 2009

Haven’t posted a thing this week – just out of it, basically.  Sleeping in, early dentist appointment, etc.  However, I did actually start chapter three – only three pages of it, but it’s a breakthrough of sorts.  I’m finally getting ready to write the “emotional parts” of the story, or at least nibble around the edges.  Haven’t done any research reading either – finished watching The Wire, all of which I’ve consumed in the space of a couple months.  Finally I understand what all the fuss was about, including those Reddit postings where people say, “Hey I just finished The Wire, what the hell do I watch now that’s as awesome as this?”  I downloaded the first episode of Deadwood to see if that measures up; the only problem is that from what I’ve read, the series just stops, cancelled, with no resolution. 

So I haven’t abandoned ship, but I’m definitely out of the groove.  With luck, I’ll be up and at ‘em again starting Monday.

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