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A New Life Awaits You on the Off World Colonies

June 1, 2009

Back online after a mini-vacation, a visit from one of my best friends, who moved away a while ago.  He’s now moving to Seattle in a couple months.  I’ve been talking about doing the same for some time now, but it’s always something that stops me.  Practical reasons, sure– the recession, health issues which can make finding benefited employment a “challenge”– but mostly fear.  Going somewhere with no friends, no family, and less than stellar social skills, in your mid-40s, expecting to make a new life.  And a comfortable if dull and lonely existence here in Reno, my mom and my best friend here, a good job and income, nothing awful enough to prod me to change.  Caroline, c’est moi. 

In so many ways Seattle would be good for me, good for my chances of ever having a romantic life – Reno is gay Hell – lots of outdoor stuff, no 100 degree summer days.  And good for the novel, considering how many smart technical and artistic people live there, with whom I could share ideas.  And good for both me and the book in the most important way:  how am I to bring Caroline out of her shell if I can’t leave mine?

But with a good friend pre-installed, the mental math changes considerably.  The monolith of “going somewhere where I know nobody and starting all over” gets knocked down to size, becomes “yeah, you’re going to have to work at your new life, but it’s not going to be a Morrissey song, you in your room watching the world go by, writing frightening verse.”  Which in its own way is even more frightening, because it means now I have one less excuse for not doing it.

“Normal” posting resumes tomorrow.


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