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June 4, 2009

Taking Mom to knee surgery today, so a short post.  I’ll be getting back into Affective Computing and working on that.  I also need to think about how to proceed with the next chapter – I think it’s time to reveal Caroline’s history and how she got to be how she is. 

I do want to post something on Microsoft’s Milo project (video here) as it’s very Alex-like, at least in the demo.  I’ll have time tomorrow to dig deeper into this.  (Full disclosure, I work as a v-dash for an MS vendor.)  Of course, demos are controlled environments and the AI is only being asked questions which the developers know it can answer – whereas real techies, given the opportunity (as you can see here which they continue to take with WolframAlpha, with mixed results) will quickly find a system’s limits.  Still, it’s an eerily interactive “person.”  It should have occurred to me that the first use of an Alex-like persona wouldn’t be as a personal companion or assistant, but as game AI, if only because gamers are more likely to be accepting, even demanding, of a human-like program – and willing to pay the premium price for it.

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