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Chapter Three back up

February 19, 2010

In its new, first-person form on the Chapters page.  I’ve been a slacker this week but I think the pace may be picking up soon.  We’ve had a week of sunny days and it’s done wonders for my psychology – the unremitting grayness of the last few months has definitely affected my happy levels.  Even went snowboarding for the first time this year (vision problems mean I have to wait for a sunny weekday when I can see the terrain, and when there won’t be so many people flying around me that it feels about as much fun as driving in rush hour traffic). 

I often think about moving to Seattle, where I could have a richer life (about 1,000% better chance of a boyfriend for starters, never mind being amidst a lot of creative and high-tech minds that could really stimulate the development of this book), and I have two friends who may move there in the next year or so.  It would have to be a damn sight richer life than my life here, I think, for me to cope with that much grayness in perpetua, especially in the winters when the days are even shorter than they are here.

Shockingly high numbers of visitors a couple times this week (16 one day, only half of them the mysterious “Cezanne Mountain” crowd) are also prompting me to try and keep the momentum going.  Having reread what I’ve written has reminded me that I don’t suck at novel writing, and that the story is picking up momentum at a pretty good clip.  I have to do my contract software testing this Saturday, but it promises to be a crappy weather day so maybe I’ll get a few pages in on the book as well.

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