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November 2, 2010

The word count for day 2 of NaNo – day 1 for me but oh well.  I’m pretty pleased with the progress so far.  I stopped just short of the scene with the dwarf Morgante, and am I glad I did – doing a web search today for “Morgante Medici,” I found this article, only a month old, about a Bronzino exhibit going on through January in Florence (oh to be rich and get on a plane right now).  The portrait of Morgante has been restored, the “moralizing brushes” of the 18th century, which had covered up his privates, now removed.  There’s a wealth of detail on the subject and his role at court which will serve me in very good stead indeed tomorrow morning.

Doing research is like eating spaghetti – every strand you wrap around your fork just seems to bring more strands with it.  But I’m pretty well focused on the materials I have with me right now, the point being to get as much knowledge as I need right now not to get it “all wrong,” but not so much that I end up reading and not writing during NaNo.  For now I’m just making the Young Man a member of the Medici court, with no real idea what it is he does there – and having him accompany Morgante to Bronzino’s studio, to give the summons to Pisa.  Later I’ll read more on the court and give him a job.


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