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November 3, 2010

Today’s count.  I’ll start using commas when I get over 10K, don’t ask why – four digit word counts just don’t seem large enough to justify it. 

Had to make a minor emendation to yesterday’s output – turns out (from the article on the Morgante portrait and Florence exhibition I mentioned yesterday) that not only the “fig leaf” over his privates but the wine cup in the portrait, as seen in Brock’s book, was a later addition as well.  I wonder who felt the need to transform the dwarf from a hunter to a drunken figure of fun – probably the same sort of person who thinks penises are filthy bits.  So I had to take out the reference in B’s conversation with Pontormo about the portrait being a hunter from the rear and Bacchus from the front.  (“A drunk with a gun,” Pontormo said, “there’s a frightening thought.”  How I hated to cut that.)  So still “behind” on my output according to the NaNo stats (which are broken, “current words written” and “current day” pointing at yesterday), but I don’t care – NaNo is a tool, no more, to get me producing. 

Today I’ve got to find out what the Medici are doing in Pisa, since tomorrow’s output covers the journey from Florence, and introduces Duchess Eleanor and the l’il Medicis.  I also need to introduce a friend and patron of B’s, Luca Martini, who is not only conveniently stationed in Pisa as “comptroller of drainage and shipbuilding,” but is also according to Brock the center of artistic gay life in Florence. 

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