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Gotta Keep ‘em Dumb

December 13, 2010

An extra post on this flabbergasting comment, via Andrew Sullivan, from Bill O’Donohue of the Catholic League, who recently made headlines for denouncing (let’s do the time warp again), after misinterpreting its intent, the exhibition of the work of Robert Mapplethorpe at the Smithsonian.

"In a large survey of museum-going households released in April, it was found that they are significantly better educated and affluent than the U.S. population; they are also overwhelmingly white. The time has come, then, to stop funding the leisure of rich white people: all public monies for the arts should cease. Quite frankly, to make the working class pay for the leisure of the rich amounts to class discrimination. In the spirit of social justice, a better case could be made to fund professional wrestling—it’s what the working class enjoy.”

I’m going to start a new series, “Gotta Keep ‘em Dumb.”  I’ve said before that the right wing opposes education for the simple reason that educated people are harder to manipulate through fear, ignorance, and superstition.  Creating a boogeyman, generating fear of the boogeyman, and then convincing those whom you’ve got all worked up into a froth that only you can save them from said boogeyman (gay marriage, death panels, the War on Christmas, there goes the neighborhood, welfare queens, international Jewish banking conspiracy, blah blah blah) is the cornerstone of the sort of politics that seeks power and only power, by any means necessary.

Republicans are eager to cut every government tax and fee except, invariably, tuition costs – and, of course, anything that might bring art and therefore potential enlightenment to “the working class.”


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