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If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say

February 8, 2011

Still alive and in one piece, but hard pressed to write these days.  Work is hard right now and school takes up time too, so while I’m partly not writing because I haven’t had time to read enough Internettage to get grist for the mill, I also don’t have a lot of “oomph” for it right now.  (Also, the power supply on the computer is freaking out and making all kinds of noise, which makes me want to just leave it turned off – I keep putting off taking it in because I don’t want to hear “we’ll look at it in a week,” and the onsite PC repair guy I called never returned my call.)

The “Watson” episodes of Jeopardy! are next week, so I’ll be enthusiastically watching those and making notes and comments here, and there’s a book coming out about the making of Watson, interestingly enough with a pub date just after the episodes air.  The episodes are already taped, and I’m surprised nobody in the audience has given away the outcome – unless they’re all IBM employees under NDA, a possibility since they were taped “at IBM’s New York home.”  Hopefully they’ll excite me enough to get me out of this “slough of despond” and give me some motivation to write.

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