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I’ll Die With My Buzzer In My Hand VI

February 15, 2011

I wonder if I nailed it when I said back on January 7 that, were I the king of Jeopardy!, I’d weight the first game towards Watson’s skills – fill in the blank, easy search ‘n’ match, etc. – and then weight the next one towards the “human factor” questions like puns and wordplay and rhyme time.  Well, last night was Watson’s turn to shine, even though Brad Rutter (gosh he looks good) ended up in a tie with “him” at the end of round one (Single Jeopardy took the whole episode; Double Jeopardy is tonight with a whole ‘nother game Wednesday).  Watson didn’t make any of the glaring errors it made on the Nova special aired last week, though being “deaf” it repeated Ken Jennings’ wrong answer.  A funny aside – on that Nova special, one of the IBM scientists complained that the host they hired to run the demo games, a standup comic by trade, had mocked Watson when it messed up egregiously, causing hurt feelings among IBMers and their family members in attendance at the games.  Note to engineers – if you don’t want someone mocking your product, don’t hire a standup comic.

So I’m looking forward to tonight and tomorrow to see if I “got it right” in predicting the design of the games.

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