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Timing is Everything

December 4, 2012

So as I said, I had every intention of doing “some work” on LTP, but an event has occurred that is seriously kicking me in the ass.  Turns out that after three years of work, on and off, NOW is the time for LTP.  Or so I hear, based on this blog post about Cora Carmack, author of “Losing It,” a successful self-published novel about a young woman in college who deliberately loses her virginity; complications ensue.

Of course, most self-published books linger in obscurity, but Ms. Carmack’s novel was in an emerging area of the market that publisher’s think is under exploited: New Adult fiction – books for readers in their college years and early 20s.

Here is how Ms. Carmack describes the audience in a post to her blog:

Young Adult books are about surviving adolescence and coming of age. New Adult is about how to live your life after that. New Adult is the “I’m officially an adult, now what?” phase.

My immediate reaction was ZOMG I’m pooping myself.  Originally Caroline was an adult, then I realized that her emotional state – her insecurities, her awkwardness, her social retardation – made sense and were sympathetic in a teenager far more than in a full grown adult.  Then I realized that to solve the Alex problem, she had to have some power in the world, but also had to be out in the world post-Alex and still have these problems, even as a “new adult” (don’t ask me how, grammatically speaking, a young adult and a new adult are literally different, since I can only tell you that young adults in publishing parlance aren’t really adults but actually teenagers so new adults are of course actually young adults but anyway…).

So suddenly now is the time for LTP.  Go figure.  So while I’m not setting aside my other projects, I realize that strike/iron/hot is the order of the day.  Time to face the music and get cracking on Caroline’s story.

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