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Going Deeper

January 21, 2013

Okay, so despite my desire to finish now now now, I’m seeing that LTP is going to require a bit more thought to finish.  Wednesday is the start of a contract day job, so it’s going to take some time to realign my internal stars before I can get a rhythm that will allow me to finish LTP.  I am indeed nearly to the end, and Caroline and Nick are finding the original testers, but I can’t just gloss over this or propel my way through it.

First off, since “Alex is people,” namely these people, I have to go back and decide what Alex said/did that came from which of these people, or add stuff to reflect them as I write them now. 

Secondly, I have to give them enough personality, enough story, to make them interesting BUT not let them get out of hand because we’re not introducing major characters at the end of a book.  Technically speaking, they’re already in the book as Alex’s component parts, so if you want to get all super-litcriticismy on me, I’m covered there. 

Third, I have to figure out what happens to Alex, or “Alexes,” of which I’m not wanting to say more as it’s too late in the story to ruin the plot here. 

And finally, I have to decide how Nick and Caroline proceed.  Hardly oh-my-sweet-Miss-Lucy happily-ever-after stuff, but connected. 

BUT.  I do need to finish soon.  NOW is the time for this book, and the moment won’t last.

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