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Within Measurable Distance of Its End

June 3, 2013

The book is under steam; the structure of the end is plotted out if not the exact details and I’m within 10k words of finishing.  I am trying hard not to think about what happens after that – that is, watching it sink like a stone without any pom pom shaking.  I might send a copy to Cory Doctorow/BoingBoing and see if that goes anywhere; really can’t think what else to do with it.

The important thing now is to FINISH it.  To be able to move on to other potentially more lucrative projects.  I am still questing for something that doesn’t need me to hype the fuck out of it to sell more than ten copies.  I love “Boardwalk Empire,” and there’s a great scene with Agent Van Alden.  (Spoiler if you’re not caught up.)  He’s on the run, and takes a job as an iron salesman, door to door.  Oh my does he suck at it.  Then his wife starts making aquavit (this is during Prohibition) and he takes a sample case full to a Norwegian (what used to be) saloon…and the proprietor says, I’ll take it all.  Stunned, he stands outside with his wife and watches a parade and say, “Unlike irons, this stuff sells itself.”  Is there any artistic product that will do the same?  I tried a Kickstarter for this book a while back, and once I was done setting it up, the last page said something to the effect of, “now go tell your vast social network about your project!”  Silly rabbit, if I had a vast social network I wouldn’t need a kickstart.

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