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My First Review

August 17, 2013

And it’s a good one, from the Czech Republic.  I’d thank the author, but I can’t find an email link on the page.  I’d wondered why my blog was getting a steady amount of traffic from there, and now the click-thru link from this site explains it.  Google Translate seems to do a decent job of getting the gist of it:

If I had to summarize the book somehow, this is 182 pages long Technothriller, which plays a major role in the style Eliza chatbot, IQ Pokyd, or ALICE
The story follows a lonely, teenage girl Caroline who gets from his almost-friend Christopher somewhat unusual, but well-paid work; aims to improve chatbot project, in which Christopher secretly works. Her job is to "chat" with a bot and Caroline quickly realizes that this is no ordinary limited conversational program, but advanced artificial intelligence that quickly becomes her only friend.
The story then gaining momentum at a time when the program is sold to corporations that they start to use for advertising and Caroline comes as a long building relationships with test versions, making it needs to address the question of friendship with people.
</ spoiler>
The book is very well written and the author’s writing style is to see a certain maturity, a person gets to me after a few books. Thanks psychological side line, where the question of friendship and loneliness will love the people who do not have too sci-fi / Technothriller.
What I was pleasantly pleased with the technical level, where it is clearly seen that the author had done their homework and fairly well versed in current technologies and what is actually available on the market. It was interesting to see the large number of references to recent events, such as the events surrounding Wikileaks, or the death of Aaron Swarze.

The book is still free on Smashwords using coupon WH35N through August 24.  All I ask is that you leave a review *somewhere*, please.  I’m dyin’ here.

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